Students Testimonials

Ms.Ye is one of the best teachers I have had in my music career. Over the course of many years, I have had a variety of instructors for my many instruments including piano and viola, but she really connects to me through her passion about music and her commitment to helping others create music for themselves. She is incredibly insightful on music in the modern world and helps to nature the musical skill in all of her students.

Nobuhide Ajito ( Santa Monica High School)- Certificate of Merit Level 8

I have been taking piano classes with Lu for a year and I am enjoying it a lot. She is an awesome teacher and an impressive piano player. I have been noticing my improvements fairly easily this past year with Lu. She is as well a very nice person, always enthusiast and upbeat.

 Dylan Ollivier – Carnegie Hall Achievement Program Level 3

I had a year of break from piano lesson and two different piano teachers before I started learning from Lu. I was having a hard time adopting the different way of learning and practicing music. Lu is very friendly and easy to talk to. She started playing easy pieces and using flash cards to help me review what I have learned before. She also taught me some pop songs to motivate me to practice more piano.While we are preparing for the CM test, Lu just balanced out the practices in playing, sight reading, ear training and theory to help me pass the test within a short period of time. Now we are going to skip a level and I am very confident that I can make it with Lu’s help.

Monika Ajito ( 11,  Certificate of Merit Level 4) 

Lu Ye is an excellent piano teacher. She began teaching my son when he was 5 years old, and after 1 years of lessons, I am pleased with how well my son both plays the piano and understands music theory.She teaches children with patience and encouragement. She sets high expectations and inspires her students through her own love of music. I highly recommend her to anyone who has the desire to learn and love to play the piano.

James Cockerham ( age 6 )

Ye Lu 不只名字美,人也美,更是一位十足的年輕音樂家,充滿了創意.這些特質,也充份的展現在她的教學當中.



Very different from traditional piano teachers, Lu combines classical and contemporary technique, for basic foundation of theory and harmony. She helps me see a whole different music world. I tried to learn piano on and off, but never really feel confident enough to say i play. Seems like a dream far away to somebody like me who is already 40 years old. But since I met teacher Lu, my dream becomes reality. She understands my goal and use materials to suit my level, very easy to follow and understand. For a short one year period, I already get through different keys and basic chordal harmony, now I can even accompany in church for our choir, she is a great teacher and I highly recommend her.

Peggy Chang (Insurance Agency, Taiwanese).